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gnarlykill: Okay so here’s a thing, for months and months I’ve…


Okay so here’s a thing, for months and months I’ve looked up before and after weight loss photos. I never in my life would have imagined I’d be able to make one. I’m 18 and I’ve eaten shitty my whole life. Fast food, and a lot of it. But that wasn’t the issue, even when I made a choice to become a vegetarian, I was still over eating to the point that I was still gaining weight. Instead of getting a huge chicken sandwich from McDonald’s, I’d get two, sometimes three large fries. I wouldn’t eat to get full, I’d eat to get past full. I realized I had a binge eating problem, it’s the only thing that made sense to me. I’d never eat to eat, I’d eat to get beyond full. Eating was the only real comfort I had, so when I’d be able to stick to a diet, even if id stay on the program id over eat whatever was on it and end up quitting and binging.
Six months ago I was 191 pounds and miserable. I was so sad and so lazy I never thought I would have been able to lose a pound. I decided to go vegan, the thing about being a vegan is it really enlightens you. I’ve had a couple slip ups but I don’t beat myself up for it. It’s okay to treat yourself sometimes! The choice to cut out all dairy gave me so much energy, I even began walking which turned to jogging which I do every day now! Being a vegetarian, I still craved bad food, but being a vegan I almost never do!!
I also noticed once I began to lose weight (first ten pounds) I gained so much confidence I went out more which meant more excersize. I had a great summer and it’s all because I was happy and getting confidence! Please if you have any questions or need advice message me!

Highest weight- 191
Current weight- 149
Goal weight- No idea, maybe 125

Also I know the comparison is weight but it’s all I really had

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