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gottadropitlikeitsquat It took me 4 months to lose 40 pounds…


It took me 4 months to lose 40 pounds (and counting!). All from changing the way I ate. I started at 194lbs and currently at 154lbs. I follow a high-fat, low-carb diet. I cut out grains and sugars, eat all organic, and include a lot of fats like butter and healthy oils in my diet. I no longer get hangry or have intense food cravings. Everything tastes more sweet and I can now taste the artificial ingredients in things.

All I knew about nutrition previously was counting calories. I never thought about the quality of food I ate. I realize now dieting can NOT be understood as a simple mathematical solution: If I eat “x” many calories, but burn “y” calories, then hopefully I’ll look hot as shit by summer! Dieting and starving does not need to be the same thing. While I now eat more veggies than most barnyard animals, I still regularly eat things like Caesar salads, chicken wings, ribs, burgers. I just find the healthy versions and sauces that my body can tolerate. I also have new versions of old favourites: cheesecake with an almond crust, crustless quiche, pizza with either a cauliflower or eggplant crust. I eat more of my favourite foods now than I did before. Just higher quality ingredients and I think about nutrition over calories.

All it took was a complete rethinking of food and how I ate. I didn’t realize once I cut out grains/sugars my body would change so much. My blood sugar would stabilize. I craved food less often, ate less often, and my meal portions for some reason shrank, yet I had more energy and focus. It was counter-intuitive to everything I knew about eating well.


It took me 4 months to lose 40 pounds…
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