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gratefulforasecondchance Highest weight: 177 Height:…


Highest weight: 177

Height: 5’2

Starting weight: 175

Current weight: 134.8

I started my journey a little over a year ago at 175 pounds. The photo on the left was taken during our current river trip a couple years back. If I were to guess I’d say I was in the high 160’s. The girl on the left had low self confidence and was extremely out of shape, had tried countless “diets” that never worked, and had almost given up. The girl on the right is bursting with self confidence, found an amazing program called the 21 Day Fix, exercises daily for the most part, has lost 40 pounds, is in the best shape ever, and is making goals and achieving them. I’m so proud of everything I have accomplished and am looking forward to accomplishing so much more! Last year I was in a major ATV accident and almost lost my leg and it’s definitely taught me that if you want something bad enough you’ll work for it!


Highest weight: 177
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