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heathkeith: I’ve never thought of myself as someone qualified…


I’ve never thought of myself as someone qualified to give advice, but I wanted to share my thoughts:

If I’ve learned anything on this journey, it’s that weightloss doesn’t happen overnight.

Granted that I haven’t been consistently working on my weightloss since 2012, I was consistently that heavy. It was when I reached my heaviest in 2014 that I truly decided to work my ass off (literally)!!

A few months into the journey people would say they could see a difference – which is always flattering to hear – but still doesn’t mean much until you are able to notice a difference yourself.

It took me 3 incredibly long, difficult and frustrating months to even notice the slightest difference when I looked in the mirror. The number on the scale kept dropping ever so slightly (which was awesome) but was not as satisfying when I still thought I looked the same.

I did my very first before/after photo at the 7 month mark and that was the first time I was able I truly see the difference. 7 months of strict workout routines, watching my food intake and everything that encompasses a weightloss journey. The longest, yet most liberating, 7 months ever. But… I did it.

I’m now nearly at the 9 month mark and have lost about 55lbs total. Schfifty-five freaking pounds!!!!!

I came across the photo from 2012 and distinctly remember blocking it from my timeline on facebook because I was so embarrassed with how I looked. So I decided to share it now to show you how far I’ve come. That I’ve worked my ass (and stomach and thighs and arms) off for 9 months to be able to fit properly into a shirt I could barely fit into 3 years ago.

So if you’re struggling with losing weight, like I was for so many years, just keep at it and your hard work WILL pay off! If I can do it, so can you.

Ok pep talk/advice time over. 😉

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I’ve never thought of myself as someone qualified…
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