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Height: 172 cm – 5’7 SW: 80kg – 176lb CW: 70kg – 154lb GW:…

Height: 172 cm – 5’7

SW: 80kg – 176lb

CW: 70kg – 154lb

GW: 136lb

Hi guys, well, two months ago I decided to stop hating my body and do something about it. I’ve always had 10-15kg of overweight since im 13 and I accepted it and learn to live with that. I went to a nutriologist and did every single diet, I lost like 5kg every time but then gained all the weight back. I’ve always eaten well: fruits, veggies but during weekends i used to eat a lot or junk food – i love sweets – and i’ve always tried to work out (either gym or go for a walk). So what i was doing wrong? that’s easy: i wasnt consistent. So I decided I could do it, and do it for good. I started walking an hour a day, 7 days a week, and counting calories when i had a loooot of time. When Uni started and I left home I started running (it was less time consuming than walking), at first i hated it but now I cant stop! its a process and you have to be pacient. I keep the clean eating during work days but at weekends i drink alcohol with friends or eat a piece of cake or something sweet. I run 4 times a week for about 40 minutes and walk 2 times a week for about 80-90 minutes. Another good advice is to eat  more often! I used to think: “okay i skip this snack and eat more calories at dinner” or “I cant eat every 2h im gonna gain weight” THAT’S WRONG. So the thing you have to keep in mind is: be persistent and be consistent. You’ll see the results. Im gonna keep going 🙂 I hope you are too! Good luck.

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