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Height: 175cm or 5’ 8.9” Weight (Before): Peaked at…

Height: 175cm or 5’ 8.9”

Weight (Before): Peaked at 112kg or 247lbs

Weight (After): 62kg or 137lbs

Total Weight Loss: 50kg or 110lbs

Duration: Approximately 1 year

Finally after 11 years of being the fat kid, I can proudly say that I have achieved the unachievable New Year resolution – losing weight. Just 1 year ago (Dec 2012), when I weighed 112kg, wearing size 42 jeans. Today, I lost a total of 50kg, weighing 62kg and cutting my pants size to 28.

I started exercising because I was going to enter national service in a few months time, and I had to ramp up my fitness as much as possible, if not i would have a hard time in national service (Army).

For 2 months, I started with something simple and small so that my body could physically take it, as well as introduce this change in lifestyle which i failed to do for the past 11 years. I started off by having 30 minutes walk from my house to a mall about 2km away and walked back home. I would usually leave home empty handed with no phone or money so that I had no choice but to force myself to walk back home and not take any public transport. On top of the daily 30 mins walk, I also tried to have short 15 minutes walk around my home after large meals like lunch and dinner before continuing with work or rest.

I also became more conscious of my food intake, taking in less simple carbohydrates like white bread and consuming more vegetables and fruits. Fruits became my main source of snacks replacing unhealthy things like biscuits, crackers and chips. When eating, I would consume the liquids first such as the soup, followed by the vegetables. This would allow the stomach to absorb the nutrients from these healthier alternatives and allow us to feel fuller before we consume the other food counterparts such as carbohydrates and protein. This will aid in eating less/overeating. Snacking after dinner was a definite no-no and this can be aided by sleeping early and brushing my teeth early.

Despite this change in diet, I would still occasionally allow myself to indulge in sinful food like ice-cream or fried food once a week so that it is more feasible.

Plain water was my only source of hydration and there is definitely no room for soft drinks or sugared cordial water.

In the 2 months, I lost 10kg.

Thereafter, when I was in the national service, I slowly increased the intensity of my exercises from brisk walking to jogging by decreasing the time taken to complete certain distances. On top of these cardio-related, there was also strength training which focuses of rebuilding of muscles and core. Exercises include push ups, burpees, crunches, squats, triceps extension, shuttle sprint, step-up, pull ups, lunges, jumping jacks. These were usually done in stations, with 30 seconds work : 1 minutes rest ratio and eventually 1 minute work : 1 minute rest ratio. Occasionally, swimming would be good for muscle recovery. Due to the intensive increase in physical exercise, the intake of food also increases. There is definitely a need for greater carbo intake to provide the energy for the exercises and also to crank up metabolism. Most people, including myself, fail to understand that food is required to start metabolism as well, and starving oneself does to help in losing weight.

After losing approximately 35kg in a total of 7 months, my fitness level has increased and therefore I am able to engage myself in activities of greater levels of intensity such as sprint training, intervals and long distance runs. As metabolism levels would have increased by then, I can be less stressed over the amount of food i consume, as long as I compensate it with exercise in that week.

On top of the technicalities of dieting and exercise, family and friends played a crucial role as they continued to motivate me over the weeks. Most importantly, I must thank God who always stood by me when I was alone and felt like giving up.

Being overweight and eventually morbidly obese, definitely made me struggle with self-esteem and confidence as I was growing up, even if I tried to mask it with academic or other achievements. Well, this made me feel that at least I could achieve something, rather than being fat and useless. I couldn’t really tell anyone because I guess nobody could understand. However, really total praise to God for he can turn our sufferings to his Glory. I don’t really like to share my personal feelings to people but especially to those who read this with similar struggles and feel like giving up, I really hope that this can kinda push you a little more.

Right now, despite losing 50kg/110lbs, I know my fitness journey is far for complete.  My focus would be toning up my body and building up the muscles. Currently, I consume mainly protein and less carbohydrates unless there are more cardio related activities in that week. 

If a 112kg guy who took 17 minutes to complete his 2.4km running test (in pain) can proudly say that he can achieve it right now in 10.5 minutes and runs 5km at least three times a week, I’m pretty sure anything is possible with determination, a great community and God!

If there’s any queries on my weight loss journey, require someone to be that listening ear or even keep up with me on my fitness journey feel free to add me on instagram at @chrysleee or drop a message at tumblr 🙂

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