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Height- 5'7 Hw/Sw- 230lbs ( Sept 5, 2015) Cw- 187lbs ( Nov 3,…

Height- 5’7
Hw/Sw- 230lbs ( Sept 5, 2015)
Cw- 187lbs ( Nov 3, 2016)
Gw- between 175-170lbs

I’ve been working out consistently for over a year now (started with 3x a week, now at 6-7x a week) with a less processed and wholesome diet (with some treats here and there of course 😜).

I started my journey when I decided at the beginning of my senior year in 2015 to enlist in the Air Force when I graduated high school, but I couldn’t sign up until I reached their weight requirement for my height; so I started training at an amazing facility and worked on my eating and now I’m 43lbs down and hoping to hit my weight goal by the end of November so I can then enlist and be an airmen! ☺️💕

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