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Hello everyone So this is my first ever…


Hello everyone

So this is my first ever public before and during post. Considering I’ve been following this site for years now it was well overdue. First of all thank you everyone here. Second, here’s my story. A short version of it

Before is Dec 2015 and during is today 04 Feb 2017. 26years old 172cm weight not sure. Unfortunately it’s not as great of a before and during as I’ve planned it to be. Although I did start training I managed to get inflamed patella and bruised medial ligament (MCL) along with my hyper extending knees I wasn’t really aware of before.

Through pain and crutches managed to get it better and still working on it even after half year of dealing with patellafemoral pain. I’ve always been bigger, and got even bigger before this before picture, although the reason I’ve chosen this one was because of the difference in how the top looks. It’s not a giant leap. It’s slow progress with more than enough setbacks. No diets, just trying to clean up diet and trying to make sure I do have breakfast every day so I don’t end up with gastritis again this year.

Following DAREBEE workouts, which make it so easy to chose what to do even if I don’t have time to go to gym (work long hours on feet all day). Obsessing over discovering CrossFit and even if I didn’t get to a class yet, it’s in the plan for this year. Got an Assault Air Bike because of it and love the mentality. Hoping to one day compete in the CrossFit Open just to see what I would be capable of. Going for my first ever Trail Running Competition this year with a friend in May – And I hate running. So can’t wait. Also doing few 30day challenges.

I’ve had so many people put me down because of how I’ve looked, the number of my clothes and weight. Family included. Others asking why don’t I just diet or eat less or join Slimming World or even why don’t I just stop eating already, not understanding I barely ate twice a day and walked 8-15km at work every day.

No offence to the dieting clubs but what I want and what I need and what I absolutely crave is not just simple changes in weight. That’s not enough for me. I’m greedy like that but what I need is strength and power and stamina and energy and overall fitness. To be able to sign up to a color run or obstacle run and not have to worry how much time I have left to train for it. To be able to go to a competition and prove what all I’m capable of. To see the definition of my own body and see what it is capable of. That’s why I fell in love with the CrossFit mentality. The camaraderie, the support, the laughs and all they can show.

I know most of you won’t read the whole thing here, but if you do and feel the same and want someone to online-training buddy do let me know. I’m open to emails and sharing struggles and working on ourselves – [email protected] is where you can find me

Lots of love and keep it up everyone


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