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hellosunshine1993 Welp, here we are friends! A year’s…


Welp, here we are friends! A year’s difference between my 21st birthday on the left and my 22nd birthday on the right. A little about my journey:

At the age of 15 I was diagnosed with PCOS and shortly afterwards began gaining massive amounts of weight, and couldn’t seem to get it off no matter how hard I tried. I inevitably gave up and at my heaviest weight of 238 decided this was no way to live. I pushed, persevered, and with 20 lbs left I am on the home stretch to succeeding. However the success comes with reminders as I have quite a bit of loose skin on my lower abdomen (I hide it very well). Not only have I worked my butt off, literally, but I also have managed to save enough money for skin removal surgery which will take place at the end of May.

I want to say thank you to each and everyone of you. Because of your stories I became motivated to be a better person, and didn’t consider giving up once. Reason being, after reading many of your stories the thought always running through my mind was if these people can overcome their obstacles with smiles on their faces, than there is no excuse for me. Hard knocks in life are inevitable it is how you choose to cope that is vital.

PCOS is no joke! However, a disorder does not define you, only you can make that choice in life. I’m happy to answer any questions in regards to PCOS, Skin Removal Surgery, weight loss in general, or even if you need a supporting pen pal, even if you just want to say hi, I encourage it and will answer or assist in any way I can, as you all have done for me.

Height: 5’3

SW: 238 lbs

CW: 150 lbs

GW: 130 lbs

Stay beautiful my friends! 🙂


Welp, here we are friends! A year’s…
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