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herwonderfuladventure: Me.  On the left–2012.  Depressed….


Me.  On the left–2012.  Depressed.  Confused.  No self esteem.  Ate whatever.  “Treated” myself.  Sugar addict.  Bloated. Tired.  Couldn’t make it up a flight of stairs.  Had no love for a lot of things.  On SSRI’s.  Thought I couldn’t lose weight easily due to thyroid disease.  May have had a moment of fatlogic there guys….. didn’t drink enough water.  Drank too much soda.  Thought the gym was terrifying.  This was right before I began EMT school….

On the right–this past Sunday.  Same exact spot for the photo.  I fixed my shit.  no longer on depression meds.  CBT.  EMT certified.  Helps people at my job–I make a difference.  Paints pictures.  Was a badass and lived overseas and learned a new language.  Lost 34 pounds and still counting.  Can kick your ass at squats and a bunch of other fun things.  Goes to the gym as a stress reliever, no more sugar addiction, no more “treats”  Most importantly I believe in myself.  I love myself.  I think you can see that difference in the photos.  


Me.  On the left–2012.  Depressed….
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