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Hi! The first two pictures were taken in 2010 (I still had the…

Hi! The first two pictures were taken in 2010 (I still had the same weight in 2012 though), the other one was taken just about two minutes ago.

SW: 146lbs (66kg)
CW: 121lbs (55kg)
Dream weight: ~90lbs (~40kg)

Height: 5 feet 3 inches (161cm)

You can really see the progress on my stomach but I’m 16 so I’m not gonna post underwear pics 🙂 
At first I thought it was impossible to lose weight, mainly bc I couldn’t see any progress because I’m small and the weight concentrated on a smaller area. But I started going for runs more often, ate healthier and did abs training (I didn’t start voluntarily, to be honest, my doc told me to because my spine wasn’t straight).
I became a lot more confident with my body and didn’t feel anxious every time I left the house.
Working out didn’t just help me lose weight, it also helped me gain some self-esteem (which I was really lacking) because I got happier when I saw progress and that kept me going. 
You always need motivation and inspiration to get started and to keep doing what you’re doing. I have a school trip to the beach in July, for example, and my goal is to be able to walk around in crop tops & bikinis without worrying about my weight. 

It didn’t take me really long to lose the 11kg (maybe 2-3 months) but I got lazy and stopped dieting and working out, so the number went back up but now I’m on it again and I’m currently on 55kg. 

Besides working out, dieting was also pretty tough. At first, I stopped eating sweets. No chocolate, no crisps. It was hard. Then I also cancelled junk food because it never provides you with the energy you need but a lot of fat.
I’m also a vegetarian, which helped me as well. 

Keep your head up, you can do it! 🙂

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