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Highest Weight: 235

L: 3/6/2016 206

R: 1/31/2017 141 –

Highest Weight: 235
Starting Weight: 199
CW: 141 Original Goal Weight: 135
Revised Goal: unknown

I’m going to have to lose more than I originally thought. Pre kids, 135 (size 5/6) was good for me. I’m currently a 5/6 but my body has a lil more fat at this size this time around. And I don’t think 6 more lbs is going to cut it. It’s funny how kids and age can completely change your body. Last time I lost weight, at this size I had a flat stomach

I didn’t technically start counting calories or trying to lose weight until the end of June 2016. Counting cals is all I’ve done. I’ve done random work outs here and there, and I walked for a few weeks but it’s not worth saying it contributed to my loss. I’ve also fallen off the bandwagon a few times for a week or so.
Before and After pictures on Tumblr are what really inspired me to get started. Seeing how these people took the initiative to try and change made me feel like I could too. So thanks to all of you who put yourselves out there with your posts. They really are helpful.  

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