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Alright guys, I’ve been super busy since getting…

Weight loss, Fat loss, Before and after photos, how i lost weight

how i lost weight: I found the motivation to take myself from 350 lbs to 210 ish and recently had a tummy tuck. I know this journey is hard, I know what it’s like to continuously remind yourself that you’re worth more than the binge you’re wanting to resort to.
Sometimes it’s hard when you don’t have the support you need. Especially from the people surrounding you who truly don’t understand the journey. Working at a weight loss I truly saw the emotional side of weight loss. When you’re working so hard, but have no one to motivate you or remind you that there is a finish line you just have to get. I often get emails asking me how I stay motivated or what j ate or did when I began. I’m no professional and just starting the process for my personal training certificate but I’m going to start offering services.

I’ve taken a few of my old clients and began talking to them through email and text messages. So if y’all are at the beginning or middle of your journey and need a friend need advice need guidance. Please message me. I’ll be taking unlimited clients for the first month for free.

We are worth this, you are worth this and you will hit your goals stick to it.

Tags: Weight loss, Fat loss, Before and after photos.

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  1. I woke up and just had that “screw it all feeling” and I was getting g ready to go eat whatever and however much I wanted. I read your message and it really hit home. I am alone in my journey and I don’t have the support I would like but even if nothing comes from this your message just made me want to stay on track and fight for something I’ve been fighting for my whole life. I have to make it this time. I have to. Thank you for your words.

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