I have been so inspired by this by this page!



” I have been so inspired by this by this page!! I’ve been working hard for three years to get to where I am today and this page helps me stay focused so I can stay in shape and keep up the hard work. I am 23 years old and I have lost 53 pounds in two years!! I am so excited! Thank you so much for the motivation! Here is a picture of my before and after! It started with just some walking and eating smaller portions and I lost like ten pounds with that but I realized it wasn’t going to take me any further. So I started to eat super super clean!! And a little bit smaller portions. I upped my work outs a little bit by lifting some weights and putting a little bit of jogging in with my walks. I lost some more weight during that time. Then I tried about a hundred different workout videos and I couldn’t stick with any of them. So I decided that I would do something more with my eating. So what I do now is I eat only fruit and veggies all day long and then I eat a nice big healthy dinner and I drink a ton of water. My exercise routine is just 30 day squat and ab challenges in the morning and then a walk right after dinner and after my walk I do this workout I found online that has been kicking my ass but it’s so great!!

It’s long (sorry) but it’s my journey. All these things I tried and didn’t give me what I wanted have finally paid off. Everybody is different so you just have to find what works best for you!” – Keshia

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