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I suppose it’s time for another inspirational…


I suppose it’s time for another inspirational post, left is me four years ago at my son’s first birthday, I was 220 pounds (and 5’8″) at my heaviest and extremely unhappy with myself. I didn’t like dressing myself, I didn’t like wearing makeup, I didn’t like ME.

So I started eating less, I cut out all juice and sugary drinks for a short mount of time but mostly just stuck with smaller portions.

It was REALLY tough, sometimes I felt like I was starving all day long, I had no energy, but I took vitamins and made sure the food that I DID eat was nutrient rich and not just filler. It’s not anorexia, you can go see a nutritionist and you’ll see how our portions are comically huge at most restaurants.

I’m 126 pounds now, I have a spring in my step, I LOVE dressing my body, I feel sexy and I’m pursuing my dream of doing alt model photography after two kids and over 30. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done, find your secret and stick with it, you’ll thank yourself later 🖤

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