I was really getting off track last month. So I took a before…

I was really getting off track last month. So I took a before picture and told myself, 1 month.. see the progress and keep going..

I’ve lost 5 lbs this month when I hit 147 and now I’m back at 143. My lowest has been 142.  I’m making my way back. I’m so proud of myself of getting back on it. I know some days were not great but I had more better days then bad and I REALLY upped my lifting this month. A lot more ab work outs and arms and I can really see it. In the left I was kind of bloated. Oh well.

This just shows what you can all accomplish in 1 month.

Running 25 miles pr week. Weight Lifting 4-5x a week and Healthy eating! I honestly feel so good about myself this month. Now I remember why I started!

I’m 5’7

SW: 205

Octobers SW: 147

CW: 143

GW: 130, or sexy as ever :)!

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