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I wrote the long version on my story on a blog I just started….

I wrote the long version on my story on a blog I just started. Basically I let me weight creep up some until finally getting pregnant and totally losing control and gaining 65+ lbs. 

My height is 5’2

Before: 189

Progress: 118 -I am 117 currently with muscle! 

Goal: I don’t have a number, but I am looking to blast a couple pounds of fat and gain a couple more pounds of muscle

I lost it a couple of times and gained back some with pregnancy #2. Then I had to go and lose it all and then some again! Latest timeline was 135lbs in August 2013 and as of May 2014 I am 117lbs. 

I have found a very reasonable and sustainable balance in my life through nutrition and fitness. I love running, lifting heavy weights, and HIIT. Lifting heavy has changed my body the most. The stronger I get the smaller I get and the more I can eat. I eat anywhere from 1600 calories (very rare) to 2500 calories per day and a ton of nutritionally dense foods (mostly clean eating/iifym) I still enjoy treats and have a healthy version of dessert every night! I plan on blogging more about this all very soon. www.mywipblog.blogspot.com

Submit your own Before and After photos HERE.

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