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I’m 168cm (5’6”). In 7th grade I weighed 85…

I’m 168cm (5’6”).

In 7th grade I weighed 85 kilos( my heaviest ),that summer I lost 10 kilos and since then I have struggled to have a skinny body.Last year,after I got out of a hospital I was in for 26 days,I decided to take baby steps with my diet and exercising.I started to run and,in the summer,walk long distances.I haven’t lost much weight all together but I lost fat and gained muscles which I’m proud of.This year is going to be my year.I’m doing a lot of fitness challenges to strenghten my body.I was sick of dieting so I just started to eat clean.

I haven’t weighed myself in a month and feeling better than ever.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

Last time I weighed,I was 73kg (about 161 pounds).YOU’RE ALLOWED TO SCREAM AND CRYBUT DO NOT GIVE UP!!!

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