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I’m due for real update…


I’ve been in and out the last few days, reblogging, shared a few pics, but have been a little reserved… dealt with a teeny bout of depression, but I think I’m on the other end now- quite a relief to be here. 

This was the first real bout that I’ve had since my surgery and I think it was months of change and anxiety and pressure all smashed into a big bubble of stress that finally popped… what brought it on you ask? I blame THIS IS US! Omg that show, guys. I. just. can’t. 

So as I fought through a few demons revisiting this past week I jacked up my digestive process a bit but things are getting better today. I’ll spare you the details 🙂 

Now that I can clearly reflect… I have to say I am more proud of how I have handled the last week than I am of the 120 pounds I’ve shed in the last year, the 5Ks that I’ve run, and the many NSVs that I’ve stumbled upon since my journey began. I met my demons head on and didn’t let them take me off track. They were there, for sure. They will always be there. But I have confidence on my side now and that is winning me battles left and right. 

I collected a few “before” pictures and made myself a few more side-by-sides. These comparisons are less about the weight loss and more about the emotions expressed. Now I can see the success in both my body and my mind.

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