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imalwaysalwayshungry: Hello, It has been a really tough month….



It has been a really tough month. While i’m trying to adjust to the medicine that was prescribed to me, i have to deal with the side effects too. Hormonal, mood changes, depression and weight gain.

On the brighter side, it’s helping me to reverse those bad cancer cells right?

Im posting this to encourage myself. Not to give up nor give in to temptations just because life is hard now.

I have lost 100lbs, i came so far. Hell no that i’m gonna bounce back.

Even though i’m not able to exercise as much now but im still doing home exercise.

Are you diligently doing them?

I’m gonna continue eating clean because it not only will help me lose weight, i strongly believe that eating clean will bring back a healthier me.

It sometimes comes a point when i feel demoralised too, but whenever i do this damn comparison, god i come so far, there’s no way im going back.

I heard this story on the radio the other day.

Kevin Hines had made a decision: if just one person stopped and asked him what was wrong or to smile at him, he wouldn’t jump from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Everyday we are all so focused on our problems that we become so oblivious to our surroundings. If we could take a min or a second to care about what’s going on around us, i believe the world will be a better place.

But where have all our positive energy gone to?

If we could be positive whenever we encounter issues, we will be so much happier. We wouldn’t be drowning in unhappiness. Some problems is in your head, some isn’t even going to happen anyway.

Whatever you are trying to acheive right now, keep going.

No matter what you do, no matter how many times you screw up and think to yourself ‘there’s no point carrying on’, no matter how many people tell you that you can’t do it. Keep going. Don’t quit.

Make everyday count. Time waits for no man. Make everyday worth remembering.

Nobody will truthfully understand what you are going through but you know it. Be kind to yourself, love yourself. There’s so much more to life then what you are frowning over right now.

Most importantly, SMILE. It’s the most beautiful expression you can wear on your face. You could be saving someone’s life and you are definitely attracting positive vibes into your life!

I know i need to be brave and positive at this point of my life and i’m consistently reminding myself too! I will make it.

Btw, these pictures are exactly 2 years apart. Left picture was taken at Citi’s semi annual awards and right is obviously a shameless selfie taken a few days ago. It’s just a example of what you can achieve if you want it bad enough. Of course i’m not slim or skinny yet but i will get there. Just like what i’m dealing with right now, i will conquer! If you are reading this, i hope you can smile to the next person you bump into!


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