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jarettzyinprogress Just some Transformation Wednesday since I…


Just some Transformation Wednesday since I forgot to upload it yesterday!  😀 I recently submitted another picture like 2 weeks ago, I received a mail from an anon saying to get over myself, and that I never lost any weight, seriously don’t let those kind of people let you down! and if you’re seeing this anon, put on some BIG GLASSES, and take a look at my big cheeks and small eyes on the left photo, you see any difference? ;D  you and no one else will ever bring me down and tell me I can’t do it 😉 I KNOW I CAN, AND I WILL. so proud of my facial progress, my eyes pop out and my chin is pointy! never thought I’d look like this, I still have a long way to go since I need to work a lot on my body but I like eating and living healthy! it makes me so proud watching many other people loose weight and gaining some confidence, seriously this is the best blog ever when you feel you can’t do it, there’s PROOF that anything is possible! I LOVE YOU ALL♥ don’t ever give up, xx

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