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Jennifer  submitted:  Height: 5’9″ age: 29 Starting…

Jennifer  submitted: 

 Height: 5’9″ age: 29 Starting weight:225(April 2017) Current weight: 188(August 2017) (and going down) Goal weight: 150 

The first picture was from July of 2016, I didn’t like full body pictures so much, so there aren’t many for me to choose from. I was down about 5 pounds this year when I started to really focus on losing. The second picture was from today!

It is crazy how excited I am to finally post a progress pic on here. I’ve looked to this blog for a few years now trying to get motivated to lose the weight. And I am finally at a place where I can share mine! I started taking my lifestyle change seriously in April of this year when my mother found out she had diabetes. My father had found out 2 years prior. With such a strong family history of diabetes, I knew I didn’t want to hit my 30th birthday with all of the extra weight. So it finally clicked. I started using Myfitnesspal to log calories and it has become second nature. I can’t afford a gym membership at the moment, so I started kayaking and hiking more (and playing more PoGo). I use Pinterest for all of my recipes. It is great for finding low calorie ideas, and you can pin them and build your own cookbook 🙂 

See more Before and After weight loss pictures  or  SUBMIT yours.

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