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jillians-life submitted:  5'2" Before: 112  After/During:…

jillians-life submitted: 


Before: 112 

After/During: 104

Took me: 3 months to implement. A year to get down the strategy. 

I did a lot of trial and error over the course of a year before figuring out exactly what I needed to do with my body in order to make it change. For almost that entire year, I ate poorly but justified it by doing intense cardio 3-5 times per week, thinking it would make a difference. BUT I WAS WRONG. After this past Christmas, I decided my diet and nutrition had to change or obviously, my body wasn’t going to. Once I did this, I immediately started seeing results.

Even though there isn’t much of a difference here, this is just the beginning. I was healthy “looking” before, but internally not so healthy. But now I can say I’m becoming more and more healthy both externally AND internally.I have a lot planned for my body and I’m excited to get there. 

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jillians-life submitted:  5'2"
Before: 112 
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