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journeyofcurves: If you’re just starting your journey, looking…


If you’re just starting your journey, looking at the blog of someone – like me – who is in the final stretch of their journey can be daunting, so I wanted to share a comparison photo that has a 16 lb difference, to prove that so much change happens at EVERY stage of the journey, not just your before and after. This is me in my goal dress at 158 (one year ago) and 142 (yesterday). In the first picture, you can see that I’m physically holding the dress closed, because there was no way it was zipping up (there was probably 6-8 inches between the two sides in the back – it didn’t get anywhere near closed). In the recent photo, I got the dress zipped all the way! You can see how my arms and legs have trimmed, how my stomach has flattened, and how my shape has smoothed. Your body is capable of so many amazing changes, and I definitely recommend taking photos along your journey, because it’s not always easy to see these changes with your own eyes, especially if it’s “only” a 10 or 15 lb difference. (Note: Only is in quotes there because 10 or 15 lbs lost is an AMAZING loss — every lb lost is amazing! NEVER forget that!)

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