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journeyofcurves: Starting weight: 194 lbs Current weight: 142.5…


Starting weight: 194 lbs

Current weight: 142.5 lbs

Goal weight: 128 lbs

Height: 5’2”

This is one of my favorite comparison pics – exactly one year apart!

During college I gained almost 70 lbs, due to an unhealthy relationship with an ex and also a very unhealthy relationship with myself and my own body. When I graduated from college, something clicked in my mind, and I found the strength to start my journey. I’ve lost over 50 lbs so far (51.5 lbs, to be exact!), and I have 14.5 lbs left to go until goal. I’ve been using both Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal to track my food intake, and I’ve been focusing on working out at least 4 times per week.

I’m in my best mindset right now, and I’m so excited to finish my journey in time for my Hawaii trip this summer. I love to inspire people through my journey and create a network of others going through their journeys. My blog is all about health, fitness, weight loss, and body acceptance. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing in all the ups and downs that come with the weight loss process!

Blog: http://journeyofcurves.tumblr.com


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