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juicymandagetsfit:So this is what 4 months of hard work in the…


So this is what 4 months of hard work in the gym looks like…

What ive done…

– Learned to accept that its a journey not a race

– Made small changes like parking far and taking the stairs no matter what!

– My eating could be cleaner, but my personal opinion is that i have to make it fit my lifestyle… so if i want it I eat it, in smaller portions of course

– I am a water guzzler! I sweat like a freaking honkey, but its worth it.

– While I’m doing cardio I make sure to do it in high intensity intervals..

* Example: Today i did 20 min on the stairmaster, i made sure that i went hard for 4 min and then took it easy for 1 min… then hard for another 4min and then rested for 1 min.. and so on and so forth

– PREWORKOUT! Now i know you’re not suppose to take it a ton, but trust me if you are just getting into the swing of things it will help modivate you those first two weeks that are the hardest!

– Stopped watching the scale, started watching my clothes… those green pants i have on up there i have not fit into for some time now/: When I first started i couldnt get them past my knees really, and now they fit!

* Instead of watching the scale like a hawk take measurements!

– I make sure that I do abs and squats everyday. I want a nice booty and flat tummy so I’m willing to do just about anything!

– I’m not afraid to lift. I’ve done enough research to know that if you don’t want so much loose skin after your journey is over, then you need to make sure you tone!

* Plus you’d be surprised to know that it burns quite the calories!

juicymandagetsfit:So this is what 4 months of hard work in the…
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