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karlayst Height: 5’8”  HW: 198+  SW: 195 (June, 2014)  CW: 177…


Height: 5’8” 

HW: 198+ 

SW: 195 (June, 2014) 

CW: 177 (November, 2014)

GW: 150 

I didn’t realize until after I uploaded the pictures to my computer that my mirror was so dirty! Sorry about that.

The most I’m aware of me weighing is 198 but it definitely could have been more, especially around the time I took the first picture in March. The green pants I was wearing are too big now but I own that shirt in grey and purple. The grey one was dirty when I took the other pictures so I figured the purple one would still be an okay comparison lol. 

For the first couple of months, all I did was count calories (eating no less than 1300 but no more than 1400). I’ve almost completely eliminated soda from my diet and eat a lot of broccoli and green beans. About six weeks ago, I started working out but only like one or two times a week. Two weeks ago, I upped that to four times a week. 

I keep hitting plateaus which is frustrating because I’d hoped to be to my goal weight by Christmas. Coming on this blog helps me maintain my patience. 

I’m not a fitness blog but I’d be happy to talk to you. 

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