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kc-drops-weight:Here is a face to face Friday! I really am…


Here is a face to face Friday! I really am wearing a shirt I promise haha. So I’m between these pictures is exactly 22 pounds which is where I am at as a total loss right now. There’s also 10 months and 1 day between these pictures. It’s not always about how much weight has been lost. The journey getting there isn’t just the weight. It’s the workouts, the food, the successes, the failures, the moments that take your breath away, it’s hope, and sadness, it’s long talks in the middle of the night or hoping not to say the wrong thing. For me it’s also the decision to get off birth control. To move. To get a new dog. To spend more time with my husband. To reach out to my friends for support. If I could only tell you everything that’s happened in these 10 months. I will continue to persevere, but from this day forward, I will try and remember it’s not about the pounds. It’s all about life.

Yes! It’s about life. Congrats.

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