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lauramhepp My gym made me Member of the Month: 2 years ago I…


My gym made me Member of the Month:

2 years ago I had single heart bypass surgery, I had a 99% blockage from heredity. At the time I weighed 280lbs. After recovery I did the worst thing that I could do, I gained 30 more pounds. I was depressed and sad from the sudden surgery and since I was given strict dietary restrictions of no salt or high fat foods, I turned to sugar and candy to comfort myself. I had no idea when your body is overloaded in sugar, it turns it to fat almost instantly. From the moment I woke up to right before I went to bed, I had a constant stream of sugar. I should have been feeling amazing but I couldn’t move, the constant weight gain stopped any workout improvements, I had zero energy. I would try to workout, but only feel frustrated. 

My weight topped out at 311lbs. I knew what I had to do and I was tired of feeling so terrible. It was ruining every aspect of my life. I tried not eating sugar for one day to see what would happen. I felt amazing that day so I tried it the next day. After a week I lost 5lbs right away, in a month, I lost 20lbs. Turns out I had the beginnings of diabetes and it was a miracle I stopped when I did. My workouts improved, but I hit a plateau. It was time to take it to the next level. I set a goal of losing 45lbs. I joined a gym but didn’t know what to expect. I remember the first day I took a group fitness class, I was terrified. But I slowly learned how supportive and encouraging everyone was. So I came back the next day and the next. 

I started personal training sessions 2 times a week in September, I could barely lift 8lbs weights. Every week I could do more and more. When I lose motivation I’d remind myself I’m not going to stay fat and unhealthy. That’s it – this is how my life is going to be now, I am going to be as healthy as I can be.

I hit my weight goal in November of last year and that’s when things started changing and I felt amazing! There was no stopping then, I set a new weightloss goal of 100lbs. And now I’m just 9lbs away. I’m training to become a Zumba instructor so that I can help and inspire people just as the amazing trainers at my gym helped me.


My gym made me Member of the Month:
2 years ago I…
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