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lifeanddeathofafatgirl HW: 260 lbs (late june 2014)Cw: 175…


HW: 260 lbs (late june 2014)

Cw: 175 lbs

GW: 135 -140 lbs!

Height : 5’5 

Age: 20

So I was looking through my old photos & look what I found!!! The top left photo was me my senior year of HS prom may 2013 (I put 240??? Bc I honestly didn’t know how much I weighed. …too scared to actually get on the scale) anyways fast forward a year & boom I gained the freshman 15ish. I think. My highest weight was 260 lbs (Late June 2014) then I hit 200 lbs a short while later….and now it’s February 2015 & I weigh 175is (but i think its more 173 since I took the picture) !!!!

My face is slimming down. I can’t believe I let my self get so fat. Never again. Been there done that.  I’m so over being the fat girl. Anyways, I really hope this somewhat encourages you to keep going with your lifestyle changes. All progress is progress no matter how slow! 

****I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking with my makeup on the first 2 pictures. Don’t judge me, I’m learning!  xD 

lifeanddeathofafatgirl HW: 260 lbs (late june 2014)Cw: 175…
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