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lifeanddeathofafatgirlHere’s my FACE for…


Here’s my FACE for transformation Tuesday!

Here are my stats haha.

Start weight late June 2014:260 lbs

Current weight: 170 lbs (I’ve only lost 3 lbs this month, but it’s still progress. I gotta kick butt for the rest of my journey and stop slacking!)

Goal weight by June 2015: 135 lbs

I’m at a very strange point in my life….one full of transformation and it’s hitting me like a thunderstorm. I feel soooooo good about myself, my body, my health, my mental health…..my appearance as a whole has benefitted so much from this “lifestyle”…..it’s all about self-love and determination. Don’t give up on yourself anymore.

I enjoy doing my makeup and hair now!!! I have so much energy and my skin looks good!!!!

I can finally go to a normal sized clothing store and find things that look cute and actually fit without feeling ostracized by having to go into the “plus size” section and having to compromise with their lack of ill-fitting options!

OHHH and Guys actually talk to me now!!! And the cute ones too! Like they actually wanna date me and stuff.

My level of infatuation with my own potential is out of this world right now. Ladies and gents PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP. IT’S WORTH IT.

lifeanddeathofafatgirlHere’s my FACE for…
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