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lifeisan-apophtegme Well, finally, here  it is ! I’m really…


Well, finally, here  it is ! I’m really embarrassed about posting this. It took me approximately 6 months until i decided to take this photo. But, well, i can say i’m proud of what i’ve accomplished!

On the left 2010, was not my heaviest , but i was very ashamed of my body, i was unhealthy, wasn’t exercising or caring about myself or my appearance. I began thinking “ Well, i was born like this and i cannot do anything about it” because yeah, i’ve always been overweight and very greedy. 

In 2012 i moved to Mexico, and suddenly i wanted a new lifestyle. I started with little changes: ate more vegetables, tried to exercise my body with a little cardio, and i began to do abdominals. But it wasn’t enough. In 2013 i became obsessive and developed a TCA . My mom saw that i wasn’t happy with my body and took me to see a nutritionist. By this time I had lost 10 kg , and weighed 75 kg.

 But with the nutritionist, i gained 3 more kilos in like 3 months and became really depressed. I felt like i was a failure.

I started to work on my mind, health, positive image and self acceptance. I began to understand that if your state of mind is fucked you cannot expect a healthy body.

People around me helped me a lot too ! Through their eyes, i felt very attractive. This feeling was my ultimate motivation and i worked out more and more at the gym.  I ate a loooot of fruit and vegetables, and drank like 4-5L of water.

 I’m not entirely satisfied yet, but i feel like i’m just so much more than i was before: i’ve gained a lot of confidence and self acceptance. My mind is now much more positive than it used to be, i learned to be honest with who i am, to love myself, accepting all my defects and qualities. 

Your mind is so powerful. You just need to listen it (or not !), and just kick your ass to achieve your goal. I’m not saying it’s easy. BUT YOU HAVE TO TRY and never give up. If you fall, you must get up. You are ABLE and you worth it. 

PS: The photo in the right is from 2014, must to update ! :))


Well, finally, here  it is ! I’m really…
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