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livewithanopen-mind Hi, I’m Alyssa and in July I reached my…


Hi, I’m Alyssa and in July I reached my weight loss goal of 145 lbs. I started at 241 lbs and i’m about 5’4. 

When I reached my goal I swore I would be happy and not care about my weight anymore. Today, only half of that is true. I don’t care about my weight anymore, as I am consistently gaining more muscle in the gym. 🙂 

However, once I reached my goal, I was still not happy. I was still struggling with trying to be positive with myself, especially my body. I gave up on my harsh diet and turned my cheat meals into cheat weeks. But you know what? It felt so great. I worked so hard for over a year and a half to lose my weight and I deserved to indulge. 

I stopped weighing myself and in december I decided to just for the hell of it. I gained 5 ish pounds. I freaked out, went back on my harsh diet and was instantly unhappy again. 

Then I made a new years resolution to cut out every negative thought I had about my body and replace those thoughts with body positive thoughts. 

Slowly but surely, I started to really believe what I was telling myself. I’m going on about a month strong of being body positive every day and I can now truly say I love myself more than I ever have.

In the picture I submitted, the one on the left I am at about 240-250. In the one on the right (the most recent full body picture I have of me, excuse the mix match lol) I don’t even know how much I weigh. I am definitely in the 150s but like I said, I am happier, stronger and more confident than ever. 

Seriously, fake it until you make it with the compliments and soon you’ll believe them! 

Message me with any questions, problems, advice, etc! 


Hi, I’m Alyssa and in July I reached my…
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