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livingbetweenanightmareandadream submitted: Anyone who truly…

livingbetweenanightmareandadream submitted:

Anyone who truly knows me, knows how hard this is for me. I literally have not worn a dress in public since I was in the 5th grade. I remember because I was in love with that dress. But anyways, since I’ve lost this weight, I’ve tried on dresses at the store but never really liked them enough to buy them. Or maybe I did but knew if I bought them I would have to wear them out in public. So I never left the store with one. Well today, babe seen how happy I looked when I tried this on and believe me, he doesn’t see that often from me. (I usually hate everything I put on). Well he bought it. And now I’m planning on wearing it out this weekend. I’m scared. But I know deep down it looks okay on me and I know that I won’t see most of those people again so why care what they think? But anyways, here’s my dress. Plain black dress. But a really big deal for me. Don’t mind my face and hair. I was just hanging out watching shameless 😂.

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