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lizymtl submitted: Before and during. Age 33 Starting weight…

lizymtl submitted: 

Before and during.
Age 33
Starting weight 176lbs
Current Weight:167lbs
Goal Weight:125

I needed to see the photos side by side. I haven’t felt like I had any sort of progress. But I guess I’m starting to see a difference in my waist.

This is about 5 weeks difference. I hit the gym 5-6 days a week. (I walk there and back…about 6km total) I focus on lifting heavy weights. No more treadmill or elliptical! Love the weight lifting!

My eating habits are slowly getting better but I have a bad habit of eating fast food and I drink A LOT of booze. I know I need to change those bad habits…. I work a stressful job and I’m always on the go…. I haven’t quite managed to find a healthy alternative for managing stress to drinking just yet!

It’s a slow progress and it’s frustrating but I have accepted that I didn’t put on 40lbs overnight … I should expect to lose it overnight.

Here’s to everyone trying their best! 😘💪🏼

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