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lolablueisgettinfit submitted:  My weightloss journey started…

lolablueisgettinfit submitted: 

 My weightloss journey started in 2013, when i decided that i wanted to make a change. I’ve always been obese, since i was a little girl , and this situation caused me depression and eating disorder.

My highest weigth was 110kg / 242lbs and that number marked the worst period of my life.At 16 i decided to change, to start loving my body and my life, and create a new prospective for my future.

For the first period i have followed a vegetarian diet, created on the base on my necessities by a nutritionist. After some months i could add at my diet, some light workout (walking). Following this plan i’ve reached the weight of 80kg/ 176lbs and then i’ve stopped loosing weight for a while.

After a little of ups and down i’ve got back on track, reach the weight of 70kg/ 154lbs. One year ago i’ve decided to became vegan, and start a new weight loss program, to reach my goal weight.

Since October 2016 i’ve lost 5kg/ 11lbs following a vegan diet (1300kcal a day) and working out 2/3 days a week. My goal weight is between 63kg and 57kg, now i’m 65kg / 143lbs and i can’t wait to see how my body can still improve.
Anyone who wants can follow my journey on my tumblr page, and contact me freely.

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