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losing-80: I used to be 34″ – 30″ – 44″ at my…


I used to be 34″ – 30″ – 44″ at my highest weight 210lbs. I’d wear XL, size 13-16 pants.

I am now standing at 5’7″ around 125-127lbs (fluctuates).
Size xs top size s/m bottom.
30″ – 25″ – 36″

Lost all my weight by eating clean, gluten free, moving everyday, and I got off all my prescription medication and started marijuana. 👌 🔥

Sometimes I still feel really bad about myself, but I just have to remind myself that I’m so far from where I started! I’ve met and even surpassed my goals! Now I’m pushing myself to gain more muscle and get better everyday.

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