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losingthefatt  Hello my name is Beth This is me three years ago…


Hello my name is Beth
This is me three years ago at 14, then at 15, then 16 and the last photo is me now at my year 12 formal. In the first photo I am extremely over weight and if you calculated my BMI I would have been in the obese category. I was bullied and I was not happy. I ate my feelings and emotions away and if you ask any of my family They would tell you “I never stopped eating.” In the second photo I had started being conscious of what I ate. It felt good losing weight and from there i continued focusing on my health. I am not proud of most things but I can tell you I am happy and proud of what I’ve achieve the past three years- i have lost over 35kgs and I  decided I’d not only focus on losing weight healthily and my fitness but  also focus on being positive and being happy with myself. i have an a health food Instagram called “healthfoodfreak” where you can follow my daily eating routines and where i post recipes or follow my tumblr for general fitness information. 

if anyone would like advice or a general fitness buddy feel free to message me and ill be happy to help! 🙂 weight loss is a personal journey but knowing you have support and guidance can help just that bit extra! stay motivated! xox

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