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M submitted:  Left: June 2017 – 275 lb Right: Sep 2017 – 234…

M submitted: 

 Left: June 2017 – 275 lb
Right: Sep 2017 – 234 lb
40 lbs!!!
Height: 5’11” / 26 years old
Goal Weight: 160-170 lb – or until happiness is at max capacity! 😀

Hey everyone! I’ve been following this page among others for motivation. I’m currently going through a divorce (finalized tomorrow!). No kids, but life has changed dramatically. My relationship was 9 years long and so I’m finally learning to be myself since I put everything into this person at the detriment of myself. I have always been bigger, but was losing weight and maintaining for about 3-4 years. Then I gained weight (60 pounds in about 6 months) the last year of studying for my associates in healthcare (2015/2016). And so here I am. I started this journey again and have been figuring out who I am for the last 3 ½ months.

I was vegan in 2009 and continued for 3 years. After pressure from my ex and some depression, I began a vegetarian lifestyle (adding dairy again). Horrible decision. I’ve been going back and forth but haven’t been able to stick to veganism long term again. That’s the ultimate goal. So I’m currently following a vegetarian diet, no eggs or any meat whatsoever including seafood, but occasionally I eat products that contain milk. I workout about 3-6 times a week depending on work and my motivational level. I want this to be a lifestyle change like before when I lost the weight and maintained for years!

I jog through trails near my home, or I do cardio and weights/body weight exercises at home. I’m especially working on my legs and butt. Tons of squats and variations. I love it! I’m not quite ready for the face progressions, but I’m hoping to have the courage to update on New Year’s Day. See you all then! I truly hope this helps someone else out there in a rough place. You can cry until you can’t breathe because you are mentally falling to pieces, and you can still kick those legs forward and run! (Or in my case, jog! 😀 ) I have a special place in my heart for those going through these dark struggles. Some days I could lay in bed, never moving again, but then I remember… I have dreams and goals that I refuse to allow anyone, any thing, or any thought or emotion to steal from me. All the love.


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