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makemyfatcry: The difference a few years can make is incredible….


The difference a few years can make is incredible. New before and during photo. I was once an incredibly, active, fit girl. I played multiple sports at school on top of being a competitive horse rider. I took care of myself and loved to do it. Sophomore year of high school came and everything changed. The previous year, I had been diagnosed with scoliosis, osteopenia, and some herniated discs. Because of this, I had to stop running, stop riding horses, and stop working out. I went through months and months of physical therapy. After it ended, I was told I would not be able to run or ride again in my life. I became severely depressed and it led to a massive weight gain. Following that, I started starving myself for weeks at a time. I purged after days of only drinking water and consuming nothing else. Well, after a few years, I started running again at my own pace and I got back in the saddle. I am so much happier now that I have my life back. The weight loss was only a product of the healthy lifestyle I regained.

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