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People judged me when I was overweight my whole life, and at my highest weight of 330lbs especially. People judge me now that I’ve lost 150lbs and have loose skin that I can’t help. I know people WILL judge me after I have my skin removal surgery. People judged me when I hated myself, and they do even more so now that I love myself. No matter what I do, people will judge- which is why I stopped giving a shit about what people thought of me a LONG time ago.
I do what is best for me, what makes me happy, and what I think is right. If someone doesn’t like it, they can block me and move on, because no one is going to stop me anytime soon. I’ll still be promoting body positivity and self love at EVERY stage of my journey. I’m so beyond done caring what judgmental people think or what they will write in the comments. 💪🏼💕 all I can hope is that for every 100 judgmental people hating me, there’s at least ONE person I’m helping and motivating. Happy #motivationmonday everyone!

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