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marinelifefitness  SW: 206 CW: 186 5’7 ~ 2 Months of hard…


SW: 206

CW: 186


~ 2 Months of hard exercise and 80/20 eating. 

I remember always reading peoples posts and they always start with how embarrassing it is to submit these photos. I used to think ” no you did an awesome job and should be proud” but now that i’m actually submitting i understand the feeling.

Anyways the left picture is  from the beginning of August but i didn’t start my journey until August 26th 2014. I am currently starting my 10th week of working out and eating healthy today and man has it been a ride. If you check my blog i have a page called weekly updates. I post a calender that tracks my workouts and healthy eating. You can see that i am not perfect. These past nine weeks i have eaten pizza, fries, burgers, drank soda and much more. But what was different from any other time is that i did it in moderation and my work out schedule stayed on point.

I have been on this journey many times and this is the first time that i’m actually sticking to it. like I’ve seen many times, Motivation will get you to the gym but Dedication will keep you going back. I used to rely on motivation but this time i made a plan and stuck to it because i knew that something had to change. I would like to know that when i graduate college in May, i am leaving  my old self behind and entering a new phase. Now that my body is changing, i’m still working on changing the way i think. It’s not easy but it’s worth it.

I love finding new blogs to follow that help me stay motivated so please reach out if you are currently on your journey to healthy http://marinelifefitness.tumblr.com/

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