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maritzahutter Life is a Wonderful gift Today I am celebrating…


Life is a Wonderful gift

Today I am celebrating the second year of my new life
I am proof that a healthy diet and healthy eating provide good results.
How I did it ??????
1- A healthy diet high in protein
2- High Intensity Exercises
3- determination
4- tracing short-term goals and achieving them
5- one pound at a time and with patience
No fad diets, no magic pills.
I was an obese women size 16W tired and pre-diabetic, I am now a size 4 and fully healthy, full of life and energy.
Thank God for a second chance
Thank life, for the gift, showing me how to live clean and uninhibited
I’m 50 years old, age is just a number, a digit running in our mind, my digit still 35 hahaha wich one is yours Healthy Nation???

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