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mcn2: Nothing’s impossible (2012-2013) I needed to be reminded…


Nothing’s impossible (2012-2013)

I needed to be reminded of this.. that nothing’s impossible. Lately, I’ve been unhappy with my body image and struggling to get all the weight off that I put on from my freshman year at college. The photo on the left was me at my heaviest. I never would’ve thought that i could or even would transform into the person standing in the picture on the right. That journey and the journey that still continues is not an easy one but it is worth it and I just have to keep my head up and continue to be positive. I’ve learned that there’s no magic pill or diet that will work but rather it takes a whole lifestyle change to see and maintain lasting results. I’ll never be a size 0 but I will never let myself get to be the size I was three years ago.

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