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meggycwis #TransformationTuesday of me at almost 300 pounds…


#TransformationTuesday of me at almost 300 pounds in 2011 (left) and a picture from today, at about 150 pounds. However, the weight doesn’t matter to me, it’s the #fatloss and the fact that my #health is the best it has ever been. For the last two years, my shift focused to getting #strong and not “skinny”. I wanted muscle, lean muscle mass, and the ability to continuously challenge my body in different ways. To be honest, I’ve finally figured out what works for me and for my body to make #progress 👏🏻. Still focused on fat loss, building muscle and challenging my cardiorespiratory system. Also, clean eating is just as important! 😆

I can’t wait to do my #nasm exam in just 20 days, and help others find their “right way” to fat loss or weight loss. 💪🏻✌🏻️



#TransformationTuesday of me at almost 300 pounds…
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