my 15 year old daugther lost 15 kilos


” my 15 year old daugther lost 15 kilos.

( pardon my englis) im from mexico. i always told her she was beautifull because she is. but i was showing her my love by giving her food and leting her rest at home and just laught and be friends.. and she started gaining weight and not care until she enter higschool then she wrote me a letter asking for help, she wasnt happy as i touhg, she was suffering and wanted to change in order to feel good about herself, so, i change my way of loving her, we startet to swim, eat healty, i gave her toughf love, and when she saw it was working she kept on going. just healthy food and exercise and she made the change! im very proud of her, and a little ashame of me. love is not giving your children evething they want. i know that now and i will keep traying to help her feel good an beautifull. even when i always saw her as the most beutifull girl in the world.” – Christy

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