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My diet and exercise…

My diet and exercise - Weight loss, Fat loss, Before and after photos.

With all of the work travel, my diet and exercise have not been a top priority. Some days I’m struggling just to keep in together mentally. It’s hard to be away from my husband, and my life back home for months at a time. I know I’ve probably gained a few pounds and it’s been tearing me up inside, but this picture popped up on my time hop today and it was exactly what I needed.
Life is going to happen. Going to the gym and eating healthy aren’t always easy to cram into our lives, especially if you don’t have an actual kitchen for months on end. But it’s no reason to beat myself up. Look how far I’ve come. Hiccups happen because LIFE happens. Don’t let it consume you to the point where it starts to tear you down.
Bounce back. Recenter. Refocus.

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