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my-life-my-weight-loss Height: 6’0”  Start weight:…


Height: 6’0” 

Start weight: 313.5 lbs

Current weight: 190 lbs

I have massive amount of people that message me about how to lose weight and how to become successful at weight loss like me. In all honesty it’s not hard, it’s a mind game. Seriously don’t question yourself, instead of saying “maybe I can do it” say something like “I can, I will do it” keep a mindset like this. I promise you no matter what mountain you must climb you will at some point stand on the top of the world and look back at the journey and think “WOW” I really did it. I think about my weight loss journey everyday it’s a simple reminder that I am stronger than I ever thought I was before my weight loss. Seriously while you take on this endeavor you’ll find yourself.

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