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The time for just wishing has passed, the time for acting on your dream is now. It’s time to look within yourself and decide whether or not you’re in charge of your destiny… guess what I decided to act now, I decided to be in charge, I decided to only move forward, I decided to never look back, I decided to succeed at all cost. You have this one life, this one moment, don’t waste it just dreaming, turn that dream into reality because I promise you every sweat and tear shed during my journey has been worth it.

Start stats:

Weight: 313.lbs

Jeans: 50×30 

Shirt: XXL – XXXL

43% Body fat

6 foot tall

Current stats:

Weight: I’M HAPPY

Jeans: I’M HAPPY

Shirt: I’M HAPPY

This is the problem with our modern society…we think so much about what our final stats are we concentrate so much on the scale. We let that little number define who we are its always weighing us down. It DOESN’T define you. So if I can give you one piece of priceless advice it is to throw away that scale, and focus on your self, health and happiness. 

*Also three years ago I never thought that I would be currently training for the 2015 Trifecta Spartan Race Tribe and the Death Race… My life has changed so much, I’m a better person because of this, I honestly start tearing up when I look at my before photos because I never thought an average guy like me could ever move mountains and now I have the gift to help motivate others like you. =)

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