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My name’s Maria and I used to be an emotional eater. I…

My name’s Maria and I used to be an emotional eater. I looked to food for comfort: bored? – time to snack. Sad? -time to eat. Stressed? – get ready to overeat…a lot. Regardless of what mood I was in, I had an unhealthy relationship with food. Naturally, the weight piled on until I was a whopping 205 lbs on a 5’4” frame. I was sad, unmotivated, and placed the blame on anyone and anything but myself.

I decided to make a lifestyle change. I committed to BeachBody and Shaun T’s INSANITY program for the full 90 days and I lost about 15 lbs in total. May not sound like a lot of weight, but I shredded INCHES off my body as a whole. I continued to lose weight by resistance and plyometric training at the gym, 5-6x/week. I have lost a total of 41 lbs in the span of roughly 4-5 months and have maintained ever since.  

Becoming healthy and fit is not easy, it’s not going to happen overnight, and it takes a lot of discipline and motivation. But most of all, the way to be successful in your journey is to love yourself every step of the way, not when you reach ___lbs or when you look like that celebrity. Aim for your health and overall happiness and, I promise you, you’ll love yourself more than you ever did before 🙂 

I’ve recently committed to push myself even farther and get out of this plateau. I have to work harder, eat cleaner and. most importantly, get back into the right mindset. I’m hungry…hungry for victory. I’m up for the challenge. 

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